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Shadowrun Origins

Feb 28, 2022

It’s party time at the home base of the Young Elven technologists. The team has made first contact and got passed around from fixer to Johnson until at last they have a job. They are gonna have to do some serious sneaking and hacking. Let’s let em get to it.   

Feb 22, 2022

Last time, our heroic band of team people, including the newly added Blackwing, no not that one, got a tip to meet a fixer, Sandy, in a parking lot in Puyallup for a potential job. Now, they are on their way to get that job. 

Feb 14, 2022

There’s a bit more downtime to go before hopping into our Next run, and this episode introduces a new cast member! I told you some changes were afoot. I hope you like Blackwing joining the cast as a regular team member! And also, a deepweed shortage. A dark time indeed.

Feb 8, 2022

Fresh off the Dragon Hunt job, our runners are due for some much-needed downtime. And they are gonna take it. So let’s see what shenanigans they get up to between last run and the next one…

Feb 3, 2022

The last time we listened in on the adventures of Young Opti and his pals, they had fought a hard fight and were losing, against an Elf named Blackwing, a cybernetic monster, and his companions had the team backed into an uncomfortable rock and he was about to hard place us. But then he called a cease fire, stopped the...